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Why is the onus on women when it comes to rape?

Sure, a nail polish that changes color when exposed to certain drugs is pretty cool.  But, there are some issues with this.  I’m sure the creators weren’t trying to cover all women when they invented this:  it seems this is useful mainly for women in public who want to test their beverage for date rape drugs.   291 more words


Relationship Notes - Faulty Opinions and Contortion

There you are trying to fit in comfortably when you really should be standing out for being amazing but constantly you regard that persons often unfounded even unprovoked negative opinion of you so highly you end up contorting and conforming to becoming their ideal package when you are far much more vibrant and colourful than their thoughts. 29 more words


Perfection or Happiness? You’d be surprised at which one women are choosing…

Today, women are so ridden with responsibilities, worries, self-esteem, and getting everything done– all while trying to take care of themselves. Kim discusses the reasons behind why women are unhappier now than they were 40 years ago. 816 more words

Written By Kim Openo

5 Instances In Which Women Can Be Kinder To Each Other

Kind Campaign: what a revolutionary idea. Though this movement for the abolition of damaging societal interactions between females shouldn’t be necessary, it’s drawing light to an issue that’s been both trivialized and sensationalized for decades: girls and women can be inextricably, injuriously mean to one another, and we’ve let it go on for far too long. 885 more words

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A little about my family...

I am blessed to have an incredible and loving family.  I am a new mommy and my son is 8 months old.  He is a beautiful, fun-loving, smart and curious little angel.  246 more words

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