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Do you have days were you walk around feeling a bit startled and not quite right?  I do.  My doggie’s face really resonates with me at times.   313 more words

Spiritual Health

A Letter For The Ladies

“At every moment, a woman makes a choice between the state of the queen and the state of the slavegirl. We think of ourselves as flesh and bone, resumes and relationships, clothes and cosmetics. 199 more words


Cosmetics and Depopulation



I came across this Buzzfeed video on my news feed this morning, and it just confirms the notion I’ve had for awhile now that all mainstream cosmetics and hygiene products are nothing more than pure poison. 844 more words


God of All Comfort John 21

Several years ago I was struggling with the dailiness of routine.  That phase in life when as a mommy I was exhausted and overwhelmed.  I write this at that time as a reminder of where my focus needed to be.  870 more words


Reading: in which we get fancy with sound effects

Here is the latest reading, Stonepicker by Frieda Hughes (published in ‘Staying Alive; Real poems for unreal times’, edited by Neil Astley, Bloodaxe Books 2011). 379 more words


Would I want to be reborn as a woman?

Would I want to be reborn as a woman…hmmm, would I want a beard on my face???? Would I want to lose half my hair by the time I am 50??? 576 more words

Thoughts of a Woman While Bra Shopping

Bras are a unique nightmare for many women, and they can wreak havoc. Some of my boob troubles (broobles?) are specific to the large busted crowd, but finding clothing – underwear or outerwear – that fits our unique bodies properly is a challenge for women of most shapes and sizes. 601 more words