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This week

This week was full. Really, really full. The kids arrived back in town on Sunday and started school on Tuesday. I do this litany of the week every so often. 901 more words

Woe Is Me

If it is Wednesday, assume I am homesick...

I’ve come to realize when I am on vacation or up in Wisconsin, Wednesdays are the days when I most want to be home. Even when I’m with my family, by Wednesday I am homesick. 257 more words

Woe Is Me

Oh Woe Is Me

I’m socially awkward. In a small group, where I know everyone, I can rock the party. But put me near a stranger and I’m toast. 998 more words

Frothing At The Mouth

KerrLake: Woe Is Me

This Is The Kerr Lake Nursing Home Podcast!
The expression: Woe Is Me is found 7 times in the Bible, all of them in the Old Testament. 88 more words


August 7th.... I think: woe is me

I don’t know if woe is me can be considered a new thing but fuck it’s my blog and I can write what I want. 407 more words

Something good

Tonight, let’s talk.  It’s been a while, I know.  But something about tonight… familiar and comforting, it lets my thoughts wander over themselves.  Over and over again, until they make sense again… to me, to you.   609 more words

i'm obsessed with: the walkmen

You need to listen to this band. You might have already — on a car commercial or The OC — and didn’t know it. And can we get a Kickstarter campaign going to bring them back? 301 more words