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Movable Type and the Witchcraft Craze

Starting this month and through early 2015 the British Museum will exhibit the portrayal of witches and their craft in artwork. The show will feature artists ranging from Durer to Goya and their interpretations of witches that haunted the night and cavorted with the Devil.  391 more words


Be Witched by H. P. Mallory

I loved reading from Rand’s point of view. Since it was from Rand’s point of view I saw things from a new light. This is a short novella that is part of the Jolie Wilkins series. 193 more words


The Witch is Back by H. P. Mallory

This series is fantastic. I love Rand and Jolie. Who wouldn’t love a couple as adorable as they are? This is the 4th book in the Jolie Wilkins series. 189 more words


Witchful Thinking by H. P. Mallory

I love these books! This is one of my favorite witch series ever! This is the 3rd book in the Jolie Wilkins series. I gave it 5 stars. 190 more words


For The Wings Of A Bat

                                 For The Wings Of A Bat

O, for the wings, for the wings of a bat.
At least then I’d know
I was not a dog or a cat, 132 more words

Chimneys And Clouds, A Collection Of Poems By Philip Dodd

Day 72 - The Witch's Apprentice

An unusual potpourri made its home in Credence’s nostrils even before the shop’s bell stopped ringing. It was comforting, but with an edge of alertness. Raw cinnamon, maybe. 349 more words

The Kingdom

There are no rainbows in the Simpson

Politically &
Racially Correct,
you will bow your
head in White Guilt

always remember that
“White” is capitalized
if it is
the name
of your bloodstained… 58 more words