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What Witch, Where?

There was a time when I would have chosen writing over sleeping. I was hyped up on Marlboro Reds and six cups of coffee everyday, but at the crack of dawn, my palpitating heart would haul my over-active imagination downstairs to the computer and I wouldn’t mind. 603 more words

Harveste Addams

Wine Cork Rune, Focus Rune of the day. By The Hoodoo Honey

Today’s Wine Cork Rune which symbolizes The Emotions

Imagine the difference of stagnant stuck water vs, peaceful running streams, or mild rhythmic waves of the ocean vs extreme Tsuamni waves. 114 more words

Deadlands 4: Pass on the Soup

Arriving in town, I visit the tailor while everyone else heads to the saloon to figure out what to do. It seems that between us and the Sioux Nations stands a giant wall. 1,908 more words


The Hermitess Within

It is the hermitess within me that craves solitude and distance from my usual distractions and pattern of life.  A breaking with the norm.

Every so often she pulls me away and makes me readjust my focus.   290 more words


Elegant to the rescue.

The yearly event  for witches is the “Broomstick Dive and Duck Ball”. It is a night of feasting, music, competitions and games.

Lovisma loves the competition called, “Whackiest disguise for a broomstick.” Last year she disguised her broom stick as a sausage roll. 423 more words


Antique Love

Are my feelings antiquated to you?

Just a relic from the wreckage

Of your feckless past?


Then my guilt is dated.

You hold no more sway. 116 more words