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do you live your life based on reality?

or do you live your life based on wishful thinking?


Just Within Reach

I have this dream and I can see its bright colors. I can see the people.  I can see the environment. I can see all the people that could be helped, but this particular dream always seems to be just out of my reach.   116 more words


Pray and forget?

Some get frozen in frost,
Some melt before they see daylight,
Some are spoken and lost,
Only some survive the night-
They differ-
Answered prayers that we remember.

Micro Poetry

30 Day Challenge: Day 28 Do you wish for anything at 11:11? If so, what do you wish for?

I have never made the 11:11 wish :( I’m a party pooper.

If I did make wishes at 11:11 I would wish for a few things like: a cure for all CHD kiddos, no more money problems, good health, and no more cancer.

This And That

Hope leads to happiness...keep Going!

Rainbow gives happiness, but its the sun & the rain that give hope to expect this happiness.

Look for the hopes in your life because they are the ones to lead you to happiness. 152 more words

Positive Thought


I used to dream
About the things
I couldn’t have

I was told
To grow up
And stop living a lie

So I locked my heart away… 61 more words

To wish upon a fading star.

Dear dying star
that floats so far
In a sky of dark,
Leaving behind a
Trailing mark.
I have a thought,
A wish i guess, 21 more words

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