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Exchange 2013 implicit remoting

A quick script I made to connect remotely to an exchange server.

function Get-RemoteExchange {
Created for implicit remoting to an Exchange PowerShell management shell
Created for implicit remoting to an Exchange PowerShell management shell
Get-RemoteExchange -Hostname 



$RemoteExchange = (New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri "http://$hostname/powershell")
Import-PSSession $RemoteExchange


Add, set or get calendar permissions on exchange mailbox using PowerShell

This cmdlet beats trying to guide users to change their calendar permissions themselves any day.

To set calendar permissions on an exchange mailbox you need to use this cmdlet: … 72 more words


Copying AD users from one Security Group to another

Ever wanted to copy AD users from one SecurityGroup to another?
Look no further, Powershell can help you here.

You’ll use the Get-ADGroupMember and the… 36 more words


UAC, file and registry virtualization

A lesser-known aspect of UAC is its ability to virtualize access to files and registry entries. This transparently changes the behaviour of attempts to update or create files and registry keys in specific locations. 597 more words

Authentication Methods in SharePoint 2013


In this series I’m going to talk about the authentication methods and authentication types in SharePoint 2013 , also I will talk about authentication process of each type as well. 511 more words


Display all Group Policy items as HTML

Ever created a lot of nice group policy items and come back to them a year or two later and think “Well where did I apply that firewall rule?” or “Where do I set up servers as Remote Desktop Session hosts?” ? 95 more words

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