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Microsoft addresses its misleading app problem by purging 1500 knockoff apps from the Windows Store

Ever try to download Candy Crush Saga on Windows Phone? You were most likely greeted by a few apps that claimed they were the gaming hit by King, but they’re actually knockoffs meant to fool people for profit. 231 more words

Simplest Phonegap Barcode reader example

Created a small app last night to read barcodes.


Nothing fancy. Just a button to invoke the barcode reader camera and then returns the barcode number along with the barcode standard. 325 more words


Nokia Camera

Nokia phones are renowned for their durability and also their cameras. The Lumia handsets continue the tradition. In fact some have the best cameras in their price range. 403 more words


Nokia MixRadio

Many just shrug off the Windows Mobile platform. Sure it does have its drawbacks but it also has its plus points. And some are very much impressive too. 350 more words


Windows Phone 9 coming for Devs in December

Windows phone 9 is coming and not to far After windows 9.
According to source, developer builds will be available coming in December.

With multi window support for devices with displays of 4.7 inches or larger. 126 more words


How to hide secret photos in Windows Phone

People like to stick their noses in other people’s business – after all—such behavior is ingrained in our nature. The more we find out about what other people are doing or hiding, the more we enjoy ourselves. 507 more words