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Oklahomans Launch Pre-Emptive Legal Action to Prevent Wind Farm Construction


For most non-Okies, their appreciation of the glories of life on the great prairies of Oklahoma comes from Gordon Macrae (as Curly) – bathed in “a bright golden haze on the meadow” and crooning from a fine looking mount about what was clearly a very “beautiful morning”. 944 more words

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Infrasound Can Cause Physical Distress, But Authorities Refuse to Monitor It!



AUGUST 28, 2014


Wind Turbine ‘Infrasound’ May Be Making Thousands Sick In UK, US

By Michael Bastasch Published: August 11, 2014

The windswept Scottish highlands are increasingly becoming home to thousands of wind turbines due to government policies seeking to boost green energy production and fight global warming. 734 more words

Not Financially Feasible

Governments the World Over, Try to Evade Responsibility for Harming Citizens with Wind Turbines!

From Scotland: Turbines and the health risk

by ashbee2

The Herald Scotland — 13 August 2014
I WAS interested in the Scottish Government’s response to the Winds for Justice concerns about the health implications of wind turbines on those living in close proximity to them (“Protesters fight wind farms on grounds of health”, The Herald, August 11) when it said there was “no clear evidence of a causal link between the operation of wind turbines and adverse health effects”. 194 more words


Vestas Helps Engineer Sacking of Denmark's Top Acoustic Professor, Henrik Møller

In Denmark, Vestas is the wind industry. And like the wind industry everywhere, it’s done its level best to infiltrate and influence every aspect of political and academic life: all aimed at preventing any pesky opposition to its plans to cover the planet with its giant fans. 1,377 more words

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The Truth About Wind Turbine Noise... Waubra Foundation

Wind Turbine Noise: a simple statement of facts  

Author: Waubra Foundation

Emission of Sound and Vibration

Note:  ILFN = infrasound and low-frequency noise.

1. Wind turbine blades produce airborne pressure waves (correctly called sound but which, when unwanted, is called noise) and ground-borne surface motion (vibration). 2,332 more words

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Pac Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm Victims Vindicated

Headache for residents after monitoring reveals bad vibes
The Australian
Graham Lloyd
2 August 2014

FOR the past two months, Melissa Ware’s 150-year-old stone-foundation house in the shadow of the Cape Bridgewater wind farm in Victoria has been wired to monitor sounds that cannot be heard easily by the human ear. 1,603 more words

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US Judge Orders Lake Wind's Noisy Turbines to be Shut Down – AGAIN!

Back in February, a Michigan Judge ordered wind power outfit, Consumer Energy to produce a plan to rid its Lake Winds wind farm of excessive noise levels (see… 747 more words

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