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The Suckitude of Grief and Soggy Toast

It’s been a very ‘interesting’ two weeks-ish. We have Widdercat’s ashes back, (they’re sitting on our altar) and, in the mysterious ways that cats have, although she’s not physically with us anymore, ( 614 more words


Confusion of Quarters

Q is for Quarters.

The Quarters and directions of the Wiccan circle, seem to be quite straightforward at first.

Tradition, and just about every book on the subject, lays down the accepted directions and their associated elements. 710 more words


Bon Voyage Robin

There’s a candle on the altar to guide your Path.


Old Friend

This summer is hard for Widdercat.

In spite of our efforts to cool the house, the prolonged heat leaves her drained of energy on her best days, and almost comatose on her worst. 107 more words


Widdershins Lit, Edition 11

Widdershins Lit is back! Enjoy a quick perusal of some of the finer points of life, and feel free to send a piece for the next edition! 18 more words


The Day I Didn’t Want to Die

I could say that I just knew, but that’s cliché. I didn’t know, but on my way to work that morning, there were signs.

I kissed my wife and two kids before leaving the house. 888 more words



A mash-up is when two (or more) segments of stuff  – in this case two of the great movie franchises of the 20th Century – are combined to form something else altogether. 66 more words