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Striving for Perfection

What’s the point?  Why are we here?  What’s our purpose?  Is there a purpose?  Is there a why?  Maybe.  

Oh.  That’s vague.

I’m comfortable with “maybe.”  I’m comfortable with “I don’t know” and “I could be wrong.”  I wasn’t always OK with these concepts.   1,141 more words


Tips for Making One's Home a Healing Site

Question:     Thank you for all your advice. It is being contemplated, and I appreciate it greatly. My circumstances have changed so that I am having a surgery Sept 18 with six weeks in a foot and leg cast, and then up to six weeks in a boot. 292 more words


Tarot Tip #46: Get into the Tarot Frame of Mind

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Questions about the Tarot?

Ask away!

I’ll answer your question and if I choose it as part of a Tarot Tip post, I’ll credit you and link to your blog/business/Etsy shop! 18 more words

Tarot Tip

Affirmations For A Great Day

Affirmations For A Great Day
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Today is filled with opportunity. Everywhere I look I see it, and I trust my intuition to follow where it leads. 122 more words

Antique Love

Are my feelings antiquated to you?

Just a relic from the wreckage

Of your feckless past?


Then my guilt is dated.

You hold no more sway. 116 more words