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This Time in Motion

As this beer courses through my veins, I wonder, who am I? Where do I stand in this world and why am I here? Is it the alcohol that has me thinking this way or some underlying thought thats been stuck deep inside my mind? 65 more words


Why is Marriage a Good Thing?

This is an interview my wife and I did recently with Impilo Media on Marriage, Sex & Relationships.

“When you have another person so close, so in your space, so part of your everyday life – and they see you at your best and worst – then you have to forget that it’s all about you.

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What Your Stylist Wants You To Know... And Understand

1. We love when you bring in photos, BUT only when they are realistic. When looking at hair inspiration, keep in mind what is feasible. Does the model have the same hair type, meaning is it fine or thick? 782 more words


Why world why

Why, o citizens of the world, have you stopped giving a crap about yourselves?

Well, to be fair, I suppose I must limit this question to the residents of my environment. 115 more words

Why.. should you ignore critics?

Critics are a necessary evil. Yes, I am lumping pundits, detractors and people that are paid to review, in this category. A good critic has fine judgement and may be a powerful influence on our tastes and opinions. 271 more words



No, this is not a post about how exasperating it can be to have a precocious toddler who¬†asks “Why” constantly! Rather, this is a post about why we (the Children’s Ministry at TBC) do what we do. 326 more words


I just wanted to share this very touching video with my fellow fibromites and anyone else who might be interested.