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Why Don't You? #42


Why don’t you take a day or two to fix up your shoes? I don’t know anybody who regularly brushes or polishes their footwear, and I think that’s awfully silly. 270 more words


Weekend Space - 18

Eight things I learned on my summer vacation

1.  Revisiting a childhood vacation spot and all its golden memories is:

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Why don't you record your messages?

Have you ever gotten a cramp in your thumb from excessive chatting on WhatsApp or Threema or whatever your preferred platform is? Those are the moments when we praise their audio note feature and start sending audio clips. 251 more words

Why Don't You

Why don't you try Morning Pages?

Morning Pages. Have you heard of them?

On first blush they are pages that you write in the morning. Easy enough.

The deeper purpose of writing them — three pages, pen on paper, every day — is to clear your mind of the thoughts and things that would otherwise follow you through your day. 159 more words

Why Don't You

Why Don't You #41

I do hope you enjoyed all of my travel posts. They’re my absolute favorite thing to write and I hope to do loads more of them in the future. 543 more words


Feel powerful with power poses

Feeling a bit anxious about an important meeting?

What if we told you that you can improve how people perceive and assess you simply by assuming a power pose for two minutes before a job interview, a presentation, a public speech? 126 more words

Why Don't You

The dog days...

…of August, of course!

My lovelies.  Like the French, I’m a great believer in vacation.  

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