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For days now, I have been without words, speechless. It isn’t that I have been without thought, it is simply I have not had the heart to write the words. 1,764 more words


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"I thought I had no right to speak, but I do have a right to speak because I am human and my heart is whole." Preach it!

From Silence

Silence can be a loud response. It certainly is when it comes to what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, after unarmed 18-year-old, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by the police officer, Darren Wilson.  751 more words

Life Stuff

"Shameful And Historically Illiterate": Dear Fox News; Please Stop Using Asian Americans To Attack Black People

“Talking Points does not—does not—believe in white privilege.”

That was Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s big, brave pitch during his third-person “talking points” segment on Tuesday’s edition of… 646 more words


An Uplifting Collection, a Fierce Collection, a Terrifying Collection, a Hopeful Collection

As I read the news and social media about two terrible things that happened in August, I started collecting the articles and videos that spoke to me most personally. 318 more words

What's Your Cause?

Bill O'Reilly and the Whimsy of the Faithful

How will future historians discuss, debate, or even define the current era? Will our time be known as a well-defined period, i.e. the ‘modern era’, perhaps more specifically the ‘information age’, or will it be described in terms of some kind of transitional period, i.e. 390 more words


Article on Racism in America

I recently wrote a post on racism in light of the tragedies in Ferguson, Missouri. It was featured on the following sites.

Prince on Preaching  246 more words


The Problem With "White Privilege"

Charles Blow, a race crusader for the New York Times, recently embarrassed himself by penning a sad editorial in an attempt to prove the existence of “white privilege.” Unfortunately, his piece misses the mark. 530 more words