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For LIGHT, an exhbition that open Sept. 6th, the back stories.

LIGHT, an exhibition, at Fairweather House and Garden opens September 6th for the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk with featured artists: Diane van der Zanden, Lonnie Feather, Nick Brakel, Jan Shield, Bev Drew Kindley. 505 more words

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

The Bourne Trilogy Poll

Brian just found out that Katherine has missed a vast amount of “action films” because of a self-preserving misperception as a youngster that “action genre= horror genre.” When she realized that this was not so, and thus freed her to watch an entire genre of movies left untouched, Brian introduced her to The Bourne Trilogy. 57 more words

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I was walking around the neighborhood today and passed this well-known milk bar on Parramatta Road:

I decided to check it out inside as it had quite a reputation amongst locals; some called it ‘Dracula’s Den’, others called it ‘The Haunted Milk Bar on Parramatta Road, and on it went. 435 more words

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Israeli Company Working on the Big Island Defrauds the US.


Thursday, January 09, 2014Last Update: 10:41 AM PT

Energy Company Accused of Bailout Boondoggle



LOS ANGELES (CN) – A geothermal energy developer defrauded the United States of $122 million in bailout money, artificially inflating its assets to maintain the appearance that its ventures were viable, two former employees say in a qui tam lawsuit. 393 more words

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ORIGINAL SONG: "A Lavender Kind of Love"

A story in pictures of Brian and Katherine falling in love… and learning how to love each other in ways the other understands and accepts. This is a never-ending journey and miscommunications are bound to occur. 14 more words

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Parents, Meet The Parents!

This past weekend, Brian and Katherine went down to San Diego for a very special event: the parents finally meeting each other! A bit of nerves may have arose on each side prior to meeting, but once everyone gathered under the same roof, any slight trepidations turned into excitable, refreshing conversation between two groups of parents about all sorts of interests and plans about the coming days together. 74 more words

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