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Blog Update: End of August

Hello again guys, fancy seeing me here again so soon! :P

So this is the most blog updates I’ve ever posted consecutively since MSN Spaces was absorbed into the WordPress site way-back-when, and I feel like I’m kind of getting used to it, albeit a bit slowly, I’ve never been good at talking about myself because honestly I just feel like I’m not that interesting or worthy but I appreciate you all sticking with me… 349 more words


Parasitic Plant Strangleweed Injects Host With Thousands Of Its Own Expressed Genes - Neomatica

Virginia Tech professor and Fralin Life Institute affiliate Jim Westwood has made a discovery about plant-to-plant communication: enormous amounts of genetic messages in the form of mRNA transcripts are transmitted from the parasitic plant Cuscuta (known more commonly as dodder and strangleweed) to its hosts.

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All right, I’ll just say it: The dominant religions in the world hide anything and everything that could damage their credibility. No one wants to believe that they are wrong. 55 more words


Roads are filled with idiots and im one of them...!!!!!

I banged my car and i don’t know how or why. I still can’t believe i did not see a car right in front of me. 78 more words



I admit it.
I am afraid of “whatever”.
“Whatever” has no taste, no colour and no personality.
“Whatever” is boring, “whatever” means no passion.
“Whatever” is not wrong, nor right. 66 more words

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