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A call to intimacy: Once upon a lover

They say looks are deceiving, so she must have deceived me numerous times with her seductiveness, her words of affirmation and deep concern. After all that was what I wanted and she offered it to me on a platter of gold. 567 more words

His Love


Oh my i can’t believe that there is only 3 weeks and 3 day’s left to becoming Mrs Markerson!!! So this time in 4 weeks i will be married!! 276 more words


What is love?

I used to think that love was about self gain. That it was all about how I felt, what I needed, and what I wanted. I used to think that to be in love was to be with someone, regardless of how they felt. 235 more words


love, redux.

i want love, just a different kind / i want a love that won’t break me down, won’t brick me up, won’t fence me in / … 111 more words



Love is not dumb but it ain’t smart too,
It’s not average because it’s not IQ.
It’s immaterial, not something you can grasp
But unlike air this love is not gas. 135 more words



Uy, Jolens nominated me to answer this online slambook! Thanks! Apir!

Pucha, kelan ako huling nagsagot nito?

Tara, let’s do it.

Name: Think. Say. Feel. 738 more words

Let's Talk About Love


I grew up seeing love as something that’s just a part of life. It is defined in so many ways and contexts that I couldn’t describe. 361 more words