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The Day After the Whale Slaughter...

“A culture is an environment from which things grow and like cultures of bacteria it is not always a good thing”.

Sea Shepherd volunteers woke up to a bag of dead birds tossed on their doorstep and it is now quite clear that the Danish government has thrown their cards on the table in support of cruelty and slaughter.During the last 85 days, the Sea Shepherd look-outs on land and the Sea Shepherd boats on the water were able to divert back to sea, three large pods of pilot whales, and for 85 days not a single whale or dolphin was slain.However we all knew that eventually the logistics and the geography would allow for a breach for the whalers to seize their opportunity.Yesterday the six-person team on Sandoy Island at Sandur spotted six boats leaving the harbor. 1,258 more words



Deb and I have found a new passion here on our new adventure – diving! We waited awhile to do it to avoid the tourists and to wait for the incredible visibility that comes in June or so. 384 more words



We are ordering 500 shirts that will say NO NUTTER.  We are looking for 500 volunteers to wear them at the Rock Shrimp Festival on October 4th.   168 more words

Bob Nutter

Southern right whale visits Otago Harbour

By DOC’s Andrew Crawford, Dunedin

A southern right whale/tohora and her calf were spotted cruising around Otago Harbour last week—coming close to the shore, showing off their acrobatic skills, and giving onlookers a dramatic display of their flukes and blowholes. 134 more words

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Faroese tourism industry losing out on tourism revenue due to whaling (Denmark)

August 31th, 2014 (Lawrence Shanahan). Cruise ships bringing thousands of passengers and millions of kroner to the islands a year threatening to halt travel if slaughter does not end. 333 more words

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