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RUN: A Werewolf Short Film- How A Film-making Team is Revitalizing the Werewolf Genre

Rude Jester Productions’ Run: a Werewolf Short Film is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. This short aims to reinvigorate the werewolf film genre in a heart-stopping way. 305 more words


Lone Wolfe Protector By Kaylie Newell Brings Gothic Overtones to Contemporary Romantic Suspense

I love paranormal and I also adore romantic suspense, but I was surprised and inordinately pleased to see that the combination of the two in the hands of author Kaylie Newell became something more than the sum of these two genres. 735 more words


The Howling Heart - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“I’m clocking out, Dave. I’ll see you in a couple of days.” Micawi untied her half apron from around her jeans as she looked at the owner of the bar. 3,939 more words

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Coming Soon -B.J. McCall Thunder Wolves: Thorne

On this last day of the Summer Bash, I’m pleased to tell you about the first book in my new werewolf series, Thunder Wolves. The first book is about Thorne, a hunky werewolf who falls for not only a human, but a city girl. 176 more words

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Day 14: Character who deserves their own spin-off

30 Days of Supernatural Women

Initially I felt that a Sheriff Jody Mills spin-off would be cool, but only if it included her new adopted daughter Annie/Alex because I just don’t think that Jody’s character is interesting enough to carry a whole show by herself. 304 more words


Still ill

Still Ill
A few weeks ago I made a big deal about having this cough that had been making work hard and was generally annoying me. 1,418 more words

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