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30th of August.

I feel the pressure now!!!

I was so happy because I have the chance to visit the school where I graduated. I played table tennis with my former adviser and also with my best friend. 138 more words


More weirdness on the way to the singularity

Interesting, and a little weird. From Krebs on Security the strange tale of Loren Ipsum and Google.


Still Summer: A Rant

It’s generally at about this point in the year that I start to lose heart.

I’ve gone on in several previous posts about how freakishly hot Texan summers are compared to the benign warmth of my British native land. 398 more words


Militant Vegans and Why I'm No Longer On Facebook

I am remiss in discussing my crazy relatives. Today, that changes, and you, dear reader, may have a small glimpse into my little dysfunctional family’s world. 1,907 more words


Weird - a Magical Confidence

My 12yo daughter will smile and say, “We’re weird, Mom, and that’s okay.”

Wow. Such wisdom. If only I had known.

When I was 12, or even 13, 14, 15, 16… 21, 22… yeah, you get the picture, if I would have been able to say that I liked me, that being me made me happy, that being different was my choice, life would have been… better? 300 more words


My body is weird!

Ok. My body is so weird! Heres why…

A year and a half ago I had surgery. I had tumours on my ovaries so I had both of them removed, along of course with the tumours. 171 more words

The Red Witch

voices in the background like a wondering mist murmur

it is here, he is here


second coming



the sound of breaking glass and hearts exploding… 153 more words