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Weird - a Magical Confidence

My 12yo daughter will smile and say, “We’re weird, Mom, and that’s okay.”

Wow. Such wisdom. If only I had known.

When I was 12, or even 13, 14, 15, 16… 21, 22… yeah, you get the picture, if I would have been able to say that I liked me, that being me made me happy, that being different was my choice, life would have been… better? 300 more words


My body is weird!

Ok. My body is so weird! Heres why…

A year and a half ago I had surgery. I had tumours on my ovaries so I had both of them removed, along of course with the tumours. 171 more words

The Red Witch

voices in the background like a wondering mist murmur

it is here, he is here


second coming



the sound of breaking glass and hearts exploding… 153 more words

Buffoonery and Bees on a Super Weird Wednesday!

I was having a pretty intense week until today. Then my brain slipped out my ear somewhere and I’m not entirely sure where I lost it. 565 more words

Adventures in Intimidation

I do not enjoy being a shadow of my former self. The people I know now have no idea how I used to be, they just think I’m just a fat schlub with no talent and no makeup and her hair up in a scrubby ponytail. 1,802 more words


Disagree Dude

Did I ever mention sometimes I like to disagreeā€¦a lot of the time for no reason.

You see people tend not to notice when somebody is just in the mood to draw their sword and win the battle of nonsense! 234 more words

An Itchy Point Of View

Knock, Knock

the cloak hangs

upon a hanger

upon a peg

upon the door

whilst in the mizzle outside

the ravens glower

whisper darkly evermore

as the eighties return less the whisper… 202 more words