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Morning Funny - Drunk Angels

I found this this morning. I suspect for some of you, this may be a common pose….. Don’t get mad – said ‘some’… As in more than one…

The Angels Have the Phone Box

Doctor Who, S3E10, “Blink,” Written by Steven Moffatt

This is the episode that has provided fodder for a fandom since 2007. And, to be fair, it’s a great episode. 2,893 more words

Doctor Who

Entry 370: Please Do Not Park Your TARDIS in the Driveway

Way back in the early part of the late 20th Century, I used to do a lot of work for the Columbia House Video Library, which sold old TV shows on VHS tapes. 1,048 more words

Top Doctor Who Species

I am generally not one to post lists here. However, with the days winding down until the new season begins, I faced the strong urge to rank my favorite companions. 1,226 more words


Babies are goats

Babies are goats, no doubt about it. They toddle around eating everything and anything, then bleet at you when you take away their treasures. I once had a friend say looking after toddlers should be called  “suicide watch.” Pretty much. 425 more words

"It's smaller on the outside"

I could’ve gone the easy way, naming this post “It’s bigger on the inside“, but I figure that the Doctor rarely takes the easy way out (or ever; tough that’s not always up to him, nor his companions) and that is why I decided to consult my copy of “ 167 more words