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A Morning's Accomplishment

Later this month my office is having a summer party in which all in attendance must submit facts about themselves in advance to the Chief of Staff. 567 more words


Lenzburg Castle

What better way to spend a gloomy Saturday than to explore a 1,000-year-old hill-top castle? Oh, living in Switzerland offers families so many thrilling opportunities and Lenzburg castle was nothing short of a full day of family fun. 364 more words


Mindo on my mind: A weekend getaway

Hi from Quito, This weekend, I took a trip down (literally, there was way more oxygen) to Mindo with Jenna, a friend of a friend who is working in a rural community in the mountains near Kayembe. 965 more words


Summoning the New - Stockhorn

There’s no better way to spend a day than hiking in the Swiss Alps, except when you get to hike in a completely new area of the Swiss Alps. 251 more words


Scoops, Sweat but No Sprinkles

What does it say about your weekend when it begins with 12 miles? And is followed up with lots of free ice cream and plenty of good company? 672 more words


Rome... Patheon, Pasta, Piazzas and Prosecco

Roma… the origin of gladiators and freshly baked pasta. I still can’t believe the first time I visited Italy was only a couple of years ago – having travelled virtually everywhere else in the world, there are many countries in Europe which I have neglected. 601 more words


Running on Not Quite Empty

How is it Monday already? Surely this weekend should have lasted longer than my three-day cleanse!

Alas, guess it is back to work today. Fortunately for me, my three days of juicing did not put a damper on my Saturday and Sunday; on the contrary, it was the busy weekend and there were no unfortunate side effects of the… 509 more words