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Breathers because they breath? No matter what moving thing you are, you breath the same oxygen with all earthly creatures. 31 more words


Week 9: Reviewing Curation Examples

This week we were to review two different examples of curation and decide how their different presentations and structures lead them to be received differently, even though they have the same target audience and purpose. 249 more words


Introducing Week 9: Fashion in the World: Fashion Field Work

For this assignment, authors will be venturing out into the world beyond the lovely UIS campus, to observe how fashion retailing operates out in the public sphere. 30 more words

Week 9

Week 9 Inquiry: Review a curated collection

This week we had to review two different examples of curation – one is data driven the other written by editors.

We had to then consider the differences, how the information was structured and presented and if this made a difference to the way it might be received. 6 more words


Wrapping Up Week 9!

Wait?!! Week NINE?? How is that even possible!!?

Anyway…let’s make this quick, I’ve got some ribs to get to (after a short run of course!) 270 more words


Week 9: Mediocre Grammar Quiz

This week I received 6/10 for the quiz focused on spelling.

My grammar is becoming worse the last few weeks!

Or maybe my grammatical flaws have been highlighted more in the last few quizzes, instead of hiding in the shadows behind the skills I do have. 97 more words


There Is No Ending

I started my last day at Watphachi School with the same exhausted, nonchalant feeling that I have had for this entire week so far. I ended it not wanting to leave. 1,250 more words