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The Popularity Of Blogs Today

Given that blogs are the best intermediary between websites and forums, it is hard to imagine that they will decrease in the popularity of blogs today. 25 more words



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One pager website is becoming extremely popular and is accompanied by fixed headers to make it easier for readers to select tabs on the navigation bar. 58 more words


Stitching images together - Google maps/Earth

Have you ever tried to create a large map from a number of separate images?  Some people take a number of screenshots of a zoomed in area (say Google maps), and then use a some sort of photo editing software to stitch each image together to make a single large image. 148 more words


Twitter - what is it good for?

Absolutely nothing… or so I thought. As per my unfortunate penchant for not always thinking things through, I dismissed twitter as being of little use, because of the brevity of the posts. 112 more words


Social Computing Technologies And Applications: Fall 2013


Brian Butler


iSchool at Maryland


Fall 2013


Online communities, online discussions, Twitter, Tmblr, Social Networking Systems, social media, crowdsourcing, human computation, Facebook, blogs, Pinterest, wikis, social recommendations, collective intelligence…. 107 more words

ISchool At Maryland

Websites worth bookmarking: Websites you can rely on time after time

There are plenty of sites online, but the special ones have you relying on them time after time.

We’re sharing four websites worth bookmarking, including one that helps you book cheap flights, another that helps you find where your favorite TV shows and movies are streaming for free, plus more. 45 more words


No More Porn Websites Allowed In Lebanon?

An official decision prohibiting access to some porn websites:

I am not sure about this decision and whether it will be applied forever or not, especially that many other websites were not included in the list, but I think the issue here is not about morals and ethics as much as about freedom’s limitation.