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Chapter 13

Chapter 12Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

The response to “People leave” is half an hour of candy munching misery that Quin does not participate in.

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Serial Update: Chapter 5

Yes yes yes, it is Friday once again! This means that Chapter 5 of Quest to Karantiri has gone live here over on korionfray.com. I do really love to hear from my readers, so please write something in the comments either here or there if you check it out. 347 more words

Web Serial

Chapter 12

Chapter 11 | | Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

“How does it work?” Nikolai asks. His panic is sudden on the walk to the door of the first house they’re going to.

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Chapter 11

Chapter 10 | Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

“Mon ami, do you know any other people?”

Paramesh still hasn’t quite gotten used to Nikolai, with his occasional French endearments and theatrical gestures.

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Serial Update: Chapter 4

Yes, it’s Friday again, which means that another chapter of Quest to Karantiri has gone live here at korionfray.com. Here’s a snippet from the latest chapter: 191 more words


Blog Hop Stop: Here Off the Beaten Path

Well, I don’t quite have the accolades that my dear friend Amanda over at The Spotted Writer has, but I’ve been dutifully plugging away at this blog consistently since January of 2013, and off and on since 2008. 1,896 more words