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Dreaming of ISIS


Aug 29, 2014


Why is it that so many Westerners are flocking to the ranks of ISIS? Presently, here in Canada, there is an outcry about some of our young men doing just that. 554 more words


Culture on the table

Those who claim that culture is inherently good, I believe, are mistaken. The function of a group custom is definitely helpful for survival and altruism, but that doesn’t mean that all of its manifestations are morally good. 185 more words


Homeless Camps Spread Throughout Pennyslvania

Homeless Camps Spread Throughout Pennyslvania | Wealthy Debates.com.


Emily Prevetti

Aug 28, 2014

 You’d never know it from the road, but in the woods in Allentown, there’s a small monument to just how resourceful people can be, when they have to be. 668 more words


How much is $100 really worth in your state?

This article highlights the extreme difference in cost and standard of living within the U.S. It raises questions about how much money is worth, what a “livable” salary is, and how salary and wealth are relative even within one country. -Link

High School

Feminism and Racism

Post-modernists and bigots need to stop redefining words for the sake of their argument. Racism is not contingent to a systematic power structure. If a minority discriminates and is prejudiced against another based on race, it is Racism. 310 more words