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Moonlighting: The Importance of Solo Superheroes

Clocking in at a mere six issues, Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey’s run on Moon Knight stands as complete overhaul of the character, ready for Marvel’s next creative team to take over (Good luck to Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood). 750 more words


World's Finest: Planetary #7: Time To Be Someone Else

Chase Magnett: The British Invasion of the 1980’s is one of the most important events in modern comics history. Creators like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and many others first rose to prominence in the late 80’s. 2,434 more words


Comic Book Bios: Constantine (Hellblazer)

For a character with over 25 years of history, it’s amazing how little people know of him. John Constantine is chain smoking magician from Liverpool, capable of simple magic tricks, fighting the supernatural using cunning, deception and trickery to succeed, often gaining more enemies than allies. 657 more words


A moment of greatness.

Every once in a while we are lucky enough in comics to come across something that is truly great. Something that a reader can cling to as the “series defining” story arc. 562 more words


Planetary: All Over the World and Other Stories (2000)

Ellis tries to tell the history of the entire pulp/sci fi/comic book universe through the eyes of a team of super-human archeologists. Along the way, we learn the truth about Monster Island … 59 more words

Legends Retold

Trees Roundup: Issues 1 to 4

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Jason Howard

Letters by Fonografiks

Published by Image


Ten years ago, colossal objects fell from the sky and buried themselves in the Earth. 518 more words

Exquisite Reviews

Major Issues: Supreme: Blue Rose #2

In Major Issues, we look at one newly-released comic book each week. Now updated Mondays.

Gardner Mounce

Supreme Blue Rose #2
Written by Warren Ellis… 553 more words