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Obama’s “Catastrophic Defeat” in Ukraine - Intifada Palestine

There is no Russian invasion anymore than there were WMD, mobile weapons labs, aluminum tubes, Sarin gas etc, etc, etc. It’s all BS concocted by a servile media pursuing the agenda of a warmongering political establishment that wants to escalate the conflagration in east Ukraine at all cost. 150 more words


Winooski, bacon and the dismantling of America's values

WND » Commentary / by Dennis Prager / 21min ago
As a talk-show host, I have no choice but to keep up with what’s happening in America and the world. 962 more words


Popular UK Muslim: “If Britain follows the United Snakes of America in their attack against the Islamic State, the U.K. will become a very unsafe place.”

Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs / by Pamela Geller / 9min ago
Watch this video. Here is a Western Muslim, born and raised in the UK, making the case for the Islamic State, the sharia, the slaughter — all of it. 212 more words


Soldier Hd Games Men Of War Vietnam Soldiers Wallpaper With 1920X1200 …

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Has Dr. Strangelove Entered Ukraine On A White Horse?

While American media was distracted by ISIS and Ferguson, Russia appears to have invaded eastern Ukraine. Several thousand Russian troops and 100 tanks are reported fighting their way along the Ukrainian coast, relieving the pressure the Urrainian military had been putting on the ‘rebels,’ most of whom are said to be Russian. 255 more words


4: Make a List - Endurance


Through it all, Volkswagen is there.


Today while I was making a list of possible things I could do for my fourth post in an ongoing series of fifty-four, I had a sudden glimpse of an apocalyptic world. 182 more words



We all follow religion in our life . It’s good to follow religion , we should understand the true and deep meaning of religion. Religion itself is peace and deep meditation . 87 more words