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NYC's Tribute in Light, for the Victims of 9/11, to Return this Year Starting at Sunset

Tribute in Light, for the victims of 9/11, will return this year from sunset Sept. 11 until dawn on Sept. 12 pic.twitter.com/xNxRDdZgcJ

— New York City Alerts (@NYCityAlerts) September 2, 2014


BREAKING: New Video Surfaces Depicting Execution of Steven Sotloff, 2nd American Beheaded by Jihadist Terrorists

BREAKING: New video appears to show execution of Steven Sotloff, the 2nd American killed by a self-professed member of ISIS – @leeferran

— ABC News (@ABC) …

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Islamic State Reportedly Bans Uploading Beheadings to Social Media

Frances Martel reports: The jihadist terror group Islamic State (IS), formerly known as ISIS, has become a particularly dangerous threat to the West through its guerrilla-style war tactics and decentralized organization, making targeting leaders more difficult for Western militaries. 415 more words


Analysis: What Should we do about the ISIS threat to the U.S.?

An Ounce of Prevention

For City JournalMyron Magnet writes: When a British-educated Muslim terrorist beheads an American journalist to display the sentiments of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria toward the United States; when photos of a Chicago office building and the White House appear on social media with hard-to-deny evidence in the pictures that ISIS is here in our own country with ill intent; when a peace-preaching imam in Canada reports that ISIS is recruiting among his flock; when an experienced U.S. 232 more words

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UPDATED [VIDEO] Perks: Islamists Throw Pool Party at US Embassy Compound in Libya

Islamists throw pool party at US Embassy compound in Libya http://t.co/wNgOHcJ89o#DawnofLibya#worldpic.twitter.com/4GerpZcqj1

— Jessica Chasmar (@JessicaChasmar) August 31, 2014

Susan Rice is preparing talking points that Islamists took over US embassy in response to Rams cutting Michael Sam.

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