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Islamic State Reportedly Bans Uploading Beheadings to Social Media

Frances Martel reports: The jihadist terror group Islamic State (IS), formerly known as ISIS, has become a particularly dangerous threat to the West through its guerrilla-style war tactics and decentralized organization, making targeting leaders more difficult for Western militaries. 415 more words


Analysis: What Should we do about the ISIS threat to the U.S.?

An Ounce of Prevention

For City JournalMyron Magnet writes: When a British-educated Muslim terrorist beheads an American journalist to display the sentiments of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria toward the United States; when photos of a Chicago office building and the White House appear on social media with hard-to-deny evidence in the pictures that ISIS is here in our own country with ill intent; when a peace-preaching imam in Canada reports that ISIS is recruiting among his flock; when an experienced U.S. 232 more words

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UPDATED [VIDEO] Perks: Islamists Throw Pool Party at US Embassy Compound in Libya

Islamists throw pool party at US Embassy compound in Libya http://t.co/wNgOHcJ89o#DawnofLibya#worldpic.twitter.com/4GerpZcqj1

— Jessica Chasmar (@JessicaChasmar) August 31, 2014

Susan Rice is preparing talking points that Islamists took over US embassy in response to Rams cutting Michael Sam.

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Japan's Defense Ministry Asks for Record Budget Increase in Response to China's Heightened Military Aggression

A Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force Type 90 armored tank fires during an annual training session near Mount Fuji in Gotemba, west of Tokyo, Aug. 19, 2014.   346 more words

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Europe's Wasted Youth: French Teenagers Planned Suicide Bombing at Lyon Synagogue

Two girls arrested last week were part of network of young Islamists monitored by authorities

Two teenage French girls, arrested last week in a crackdown on citizens who consider traveling to other countries to join “jihad,” were planning to attack a synagogue in Lyon with a suicide bomb, French media revealed Friday. 273 more words

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[VIDEO] Commander in Chief: Leader of Western World Speech About Global Terror Threat

Hint: this isn’t from the White House. Britain raised the terror threat level from substantial to severe, meaning that a terrorist attack is considered highly likely. 28 more words