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Diane Moalem embarks on a quirky Franco-Canadian journey of love-filled discovery in a province yearning for independence.

“It is a place not to be forgotten or mixed up in the mind with other places, or altered for a moment in the crowd of scenes a traveller can recall.”

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Snapshots Saturday: Mykonos, Greece

There are those places, people, even things, that are forever ingrained in our memories, like taking snapshots of moments –capturing them into tangible representations of intangible, irreplaceable, incomparable pieces of our personal history. 6 more words


Things I'm in Love With

Maybe it’s because the sun is out, maybe it’s because sometimes it’s good to just think of the good things, but right now I wanna make a list of all the little things in life that I am desperately in love with. 244 more words

General Travel

day 259: extraordinarily familiar.

Alright, here we go!

I’m sitting at the dinner table, sipping on a Red Bull, listening to Nicki watch a German television program, and thinking about how lucky I am to really be here. 859 more words


Vancouver - Where it all began

Vancouver is where it all started. This wanderlust, this insatiable desire for difference and adventure. I arrive into the city armed with a one way ticket, a degree in advertising and the remnants of a broken heart. 980 more words


Why now? Why not?!

noun – a strong desire to travel – “to be consumed by wanderlust”

As a child I spent much of my time roaming these great British Isles. 239 more words