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Poynter: This Week's NYT Magazine Cover was Inspired by a Fugazi Flier


Having been an active participant punk rock tabloid and street poster art era this cover refers to, I find this NYT treatment both rewarding, and overripe. 543 more words


Immigrants Worry About Crackdown On Businesses That Send Money Home

A remittance may be the most common financial transaction you’ve never heard of. That’s what it’s called when an immigrant sends money to someone living in a different country. 86 more words


Washington Among The Most Targeted Cities For Homeowner Scams

The D.C. region is among the worst in the nation when it comes to foreclosure rescue fraud. That’s when desperate homeowners seek help from a company promising to save them from foreclosure. 15 more words


Piloting POTUS across DC and around the world

In the latest installment of DC Gigs we meet Marine Corp. Captain Charlene Thoreen based in Quantico, Virginia. If you live around here you’ve probably seen her before, flying overhead in the black and white helicopters used to carry the President. 18 more words

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