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Tomorrow the show for the MA courses in Falmouth ( Woodlane campus, 6-9pm) opens.

The part-time student  taken part with a group show in the Garden Studio. 101 more words


Wabi-sabi spirit of things

1. All things are impermanent

The inclination towards nothingness is unrelenting and universal. Even things that have all earmarks of substance – things that are hard, inert, solid – present nothing more than wear blinders, use ruses to forget, ignore, or pretend otherwise – but all comes to nothing in the end. 183 more words


Weekly Photography Challenge: Fray

This weeks photography challenge is Fray, a word with several connotations and therefore very open to interpretation. I had to think about it for a day or two, and I guess that’s a good thing! 169 more words


Universal Harmony, Part One: We may already be there

For most, the notion of Perfection seems unrealizable. “Perfection” with a capital P must be distinguished from “perfection”, lowercase p; the capitalization indicates a kind of ultimate state or way of being, whereas the lowercase ‘p’ represents the more colloquial, relative form of the concept we use day-to-day. 403 more words