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My father-in-law passed away early this summer. Husband’s relationship with FatherInLaw was extremely difficult. FatherInLaw suffered from undiagnosed mental and emotional problems for much of Husband’s life. 999 more words

Family Relations

Just Breathe

“Just Breathe” Not only is it a quote from my all time favorite movie Ever After but, it’s a quote from someone who holds a special place in my life that said those very words to me last night. 932 more words

How to live with confidence and courage

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It was that kind of morning. I woke up with pain shooting from my neck up, tipping the scales past simple headache to a full-fledged migraine. 703 more words


Who Really has the Power

By Mark E. Smith

I thrive on possessing power. But, not in the way you might think. In my business and family, I, in fact, practice the opposite, seeing my roles as humbly serving others. 392 more words


Brakes are for Babies.

I could not wait to get to Friday for obvious reasons. First, it’s Friday! Who does not appreciate the promise of good times and freedom the weekend brings? 379 more words


Learning To Honor Curiosity Over Fear

“Be afraid of the unknown!”, we are constantly told. How did this message seep into so many of our minds? A couple of weeks ago I looked up to see clouds in the shape of two elephants – I saw a mother elephant walking behind her baby elephant. 531 more words


Come Back to Love

I have some friends I wrestle with. Monster friends. They like to creep… when you are in your most vulnerable state. It is a phase we often get webbed in. 112 more words