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Looking for a new bean? Schedule a session with the Coffee Counselor

At Science Club in Washington D.C., Jason Gershowitz runs the Coffee Counselor, a tasting session that helps find the perfect iced coffee for you. … 15 more words


VOICES FROM A COMA: Messages From By Bryn Fortey

“Dad?” I repeated, but louder. “It’s Danny. I’m here now, Dad. For as long as it takes.”

Though he gave no sign of hearing me or of being aware of my presence, I had heard of cases where supposedly unconscious people had known what had been happening around them. 262 more words


The Other God of Man?

“Who are you to tell me I’m not the God of man? I made you wish you were the only one here so you could leave.” — A voice just said. 477 more words

Human Potential

It’s Only When You Ignore them that they Start to Gain Control

If you must know, I was scared,
running above tree line in a snowstorm,
unable to see more than twenty feet in front
of my slipping feet. 100 more words

Stir of Echos

As a writer, I constantly have voices in my head. Voices of characters and dialogue, scene descriptions, events unfolding in surround sound—all these I hear before and during the writing process. 518 more words

"There are Voices"

There are voices that people claim to hear
when the rains start and the nights turn long.

sometimes they give them biblical identities
while others suspect their own subconcious… 31 more words