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The Shooting Star

I almost renamed this drink “The Hulatini” because the picture just kept reminding me of a hula girl in her grass skirt (the napkin) and a bright yellow hibiscus flower tucked behind her ear (the starfruit). 243 more words


Long weekends make for a great mistress

We spend our whole lives as teens and college students wishing we were older.    We stay up late partying,  go to class hungover and tired, and we push ourselves to the extreme limit just to get that grade so we can graduate.  223 more words


Grey Goose Introduces VX: Vodka Exceptionelle

GREY GOOSE®, The World’s Best Tasting vodka, announces the launch of an extraordinary new, ultra-premium expression of GREY GOOSE – GREY GOOSE VX. A spirit like no other, the liquid combines GREY GOOSE vodka with precious drops of cognac. 363 more words


On My {Travel} Wishlist

I love a good list especially one where you make plans for the future on a clean blank page rather than scrawled out food shopping lists. 473 more words