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Class Alert: The Art Of Visual Storytelling

Class Alert:&nbspThe Art of Visual Story Telling by Irene Hoofs
Racking your brain for inventive content to post on your weblog or social media platforms? Squeezing your inventive juices dry to grow visitors on your corner of the Net? 16 more words


How do we love? Not in big things, but in small things with great love. – Mother Teresa


How Music affects You

Music has great effect on us. While we are performing a tasks, it helps to get involved into the task and to don’t get distracted and do it with a great mood. 554 more words

ryoji ikeda x avant art festival.

gustujesz w nieco bardziej awangardowych dźwiękach? czy ściana hałasu może wydawać się inspirująca? czy w towarzystwie mocnych, niemalże epileptycznych bodźców wizualnych muzyka zaintryguje Cię jeszcze bardziej? 407 more words


Do my eyes deceive me?

Yes, they do! I’ve drawn my kitchen chair around eight times today, trying to flatten the plane, identify the negative spaces and get the perspective right. 130 more words


I'm not cheating...I just write other blogs.

While I’ve been trying to keep you all from meeting and all the embarassing questions that come with it. How long? Why? Wasn’t I good enough? 179 more words