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Recap of the Schneide Dev Brunch 2014-08-31

Yesterday, we held another Schneide Dev Brunch, a regular brunch on a sunday, only that all attendees want to talk about software development and various other topics. 1,141 more words

Author: Daniel Lindner

Atidan Deploys Telerik UI Framework for Mobile and Custom Application Development

Atidan is pleased to incorporate Telerik’s UI Framework and application development tools for two recent clients!

Our first client extended their ERP Order Management system to their customers via an extranet portal.  713 more words

Unable to build project output group 'Content Files from SOMEWEB (Active)' Resolved

Often when building MSI Windows Installers from ASP.NET Web Projects within Visual Studio.NET you’ll get this error:

Unable to build project output group ‘Content Files from SOMEWEB (Active)’

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Cannot deserialize XBF metadata type list as NullableBoolToBoolConverter was not found in namespace

I was trying to get something working last night and kept hitting this exception when my app was trying to InitializeComponent() at one point.


First-chance exception at 0x750D1D4D in App1.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: Platform::COMException ^ at memory location 0x037CDDC0. 441 more words


VSCommands–Underrated Extension for VS 2013

I installed a few new extensions to my VS2013 tonight and noticed that there is a new Stack Overflow search bar at the top of my screen: 43 more words


GCC compilers & Visual studio

GCC compiler :

GNU compiler collection, are mostly said to be GCC compiler system. at first it was said to be GNU C compiler because at that time it supports only c language, but now its extended to many other programming languages. 87 more words

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EF DbContext constantly changed: "The model backing the 'DbContext' context has changed since the database was created."

While working on a project I experienced the following error: 


InvalidOperationException was unhandled by user code

An exception of type ‘System.InvalidOperationException’ occurred in EntityFramework.dll but was not handled in user code…

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