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Matinee, Never a 2nd without a 3rd!

We were at the end of our stroll through the hallways. Mattie had amazed me, and so it seemed also the residents who lived here. We passed by the nursing station, had a small chat with the Nurse, and then continued back to Mom’s room. 705 more words

Visit: The British Museum

Exploring the quieter galleries of the British Museum.

A great way to collect my thoughts and absorb plenty of visual stuff.

At home I digitally colour my drawings.


Good and tired.

It has been so sweet having Kat and Matt here this weekend.

Part of it is, I think,Jim and I forget how it is to be around young folks-Kat and Matt are in their mid twenties.It is good to have fresh blood running around once in a while. 49 more words

Matt Miziorko

Visiting my host mum's auntie in Deva

Day 17

On Wednesday we drove to Deva, a little communal area tucked inside the mountains where my host mum’s auntie lived. We went up these winding roads that took us higher and higher until we entered a driveway that led to a big old house which is probably inhabited by fifteen different families. 523 more words

Au Pair

Top News Sites

I bookmarked my top new sites I visit each day. Somewhere in the middle I find the truth.

4 weeks in.

I guess it happened, I forgot a little about this blog.

My life just feels like it’s suddenly become so fast paced. The days are just so long in London, yet whizz through incredibly fast. 332 more words