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World Wide Disgust, Intolerance and Rebellion against Politicians and Leaders

The world is realizing, thanks to alternative media, that the NWO is destroying everything in a pattern in every country.  Sometimes have been short-sided and think our country is the only one effected by these particular injustices.   275 more words


They Want To Control Our Kids? Countries Trying to Become Parents

Governments everywhere are subtly testing the waters trying to TAKE OUR KIDS.  The NWO has a Plato’s Republic inspired commie agenda to take the kids and become the parents.   313 more words


Kindle countdown offer -The Initiate - "How wise is wisdom?"

A Kindle Countdown price promotion will be running from 30th August to 5th September on Amazon UK and Amazon.com

…Then… as the melding became complete… in a shift both more terrifying, yet more beautiful, than any she had felt before… she looked out through the eyes of the fire bird; her soul and that of the great bird… had connected… and now moved… as one… 688 more words



It has been a few weeks since Big Man showed up at my house. He sat next to the bed for the first week while W lay with me and rested. 1,212 more words


The Puzzle Dream Re-Visited Once Again

I posted a blog entry ,”when you come together”, a while ago. In May of 2014, I attended a traditional church at my daughter’s request to check it out. 881 more words


REVIEW of *Primary Fault* ~ Book #1 in The Schattenreich Series, by Sharon Kae Reamer

A Suspenseful Blend of Science, Romance and the Supernatural!

Book Blurb

Caitlin Schwarzbach has left home. For good.

Separated from her beloved brother Gus at age seven, Caitlin exchanges small-town Texas for Cologne, Germany to be with him. 855 more words


Ebola - mutating

I am giving this a go for the first time.

I have sensed for a while that Ebola is and will be mutating to more “viable” strains.   111 more words