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Scandinavian Color: The Houses of Visby (PHOTOS)

Earlier this summer, I had the chance to visit Visby, a medieval city on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea off the Swedish mainland, which I write more about in… 33 more words


A Medieval City Floating in the Baltic Sea

You are on a rock- and sand-covered beach. Behind you, there are trees with hammocks strung up between them and a small seawall. In front of you, there is only endless sea stretching to the sunset. 2,405 more words


Back to the Future

Medieval week, 2014. Beautiful Visby, Gotland. I can’t believe I hadn’t realized what this was before now. It’s love. An unpretentious mashup of passion and talent creating an atmosphere of… yeah, love.  32 more words

Short film from #ÖJN

Check a short video from our filming in Visby. Tomorrow night more pictures and info will come. And next week we will take you behind the camera in a short behind the scenes film. 10 more words


Haiku poetry: "Travel haiku: Visby"

Okay, haiku about a place most of my readers might not have visited, so…consider looking into the tags for more stuff? 33 more words


Visby, Gotland, Sweden

Dear Gotland. Here is my tribute to you in photos. Today we start with Visby, the capital. Find out about this wonderful town called Visby on Wikipedia… 145 more words