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Thoughts for August 29 (Beheading of St John the Baptist) from Fr Willie Doyle

There is one thing we need never be afraid of, namely, that the devil will ever tempt us to be humble. He may delude us in the practice of other virtues; indiscreet zeal, for instance, or the desire to devote our time solely to prayer.  

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Thoughts for August 28 (St Augustine) from Fr Willie Doyle

How many wish to belong entirely to Jesus without reserve or restriction? Most want to serve two masters, to be under two standards. A union of wordliness and devotion; a perpetual succession of sins and repentance; something given to grace, more to nature; fervour and tepidity by turns.

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Amazing Grace

When I was living in Hawaii, rebuilding my sense of self, coming out of a divorce and deep depression in 2008, I fell in love with grace. 349 more words


Thoughts for August 27 (St Monica) from Fr Willie Doyle

Don’t be stingy in giving praise, particularly with the young.

If in a community there is some sister not as edifying as she might be, but who after a retreat makes an effort to rise, be ever the one to encourage and to hold out a helping hand.

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Overcome Envy

We all feel it sometimes – pangs of jealousy or envy when we witness others succeed while we feel we are stuck left behind. Whether it is resentment that builds from watching a co-worker score a new position you have been vying for, or feelings of envy for someone who has a family or relationship situation you desire, these feelings are common and you are not alone. 115 more words

Ryan Hite

The king with Defects

Here I got another beautiful and small story to share with you.

“A king with a defect in one eye & one leg asked all the painters to draw his beautiful portrait but no one was ready to draw, as how to show him beautiful with defects in one eye & a leg. 71 more words


Cafe parklet now open for all

Yvonne Zacharias
Vancouver Sun
August 16, 2014

It juts out from the sidewalk, an architectural curiosity with three tables and benches that beckon.

Welcome to the “parklet,” a relatively new creature tucked into the urban landscape. 543 more words