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Losing It: Average Age of Virginity Loss in the U.S.

According to a 2006 study, men and women in the United States first experienced sexual intercourse at age 17 on average.

A 2007 study… 265 more words

Census 2010


I had written this post weeks ago. Somehow I deleted it. It was devastating, and discouraging. I had to take some time to recover…

Words in this blog may be triggering, especially for those who have a history of rape/sexual assault and/or relationship/domestic violence. 394 more words


We Weren't Ready

It’s been a year now. Of course, it was a Sunday the last time around, and I had chosen to stay up north for the weekend instead of coming home to family. 695 more words


What Killed Singles Ministries?

Before the 1980s, nearly every large metropolitan church had singles ministries. They had their own Sunday School classes, Sunday School books, spring retreats, and singles conferences every year. 1,181 more words

The First Time

As DFAB I have been told about my first time since the first time I was able to understand what sex was. Raised Catholic I have been told how precious my virginity is. 420 more words

Virginity? Really. Must it be so special?

I don’t understand why there is such a big cultural emphasis on virginity.

The only real emphasis comes from the legal sides of decades ago when an illegitimate child could cause issues for the household’s economic standing and estate. 173 more words



The first day of 8th grade, Debbie and I make bets on who will lose her virginity.┬áBy choice, I mean, as opposed to the way we’ve had it. 1,140 more words