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The essential guide to making your marketing go viral

There seems to be an idea floating around the marketing industry that viral marketing also means free marketing. Whenever I speak with a group and they discuss their budget limitations, they always speak whimsically about the opportunity for their message to go viral, thereby giving them a substantial return for no investment. 935 more words


Top 10 Drivers of Viral Content on Facebook - What Type of Content Is More Likely to Be Shared?

In the battle of social media marketing, the image, .gif, video, meme, etc., with the most favorites, shares, likes, etc., reigns supreme! But how exactly can you make your social media content sell like hotcakes? 23 more words

Play your cards right: 5 Ways to create viral blog content

1. Keep it topical

Share a blog post about your take on a topical issue that relates to your company, business or personal profile. You want to be seen as the expert in your field, and one way of doing that is by sharing your knowledge on an issue which is currently in the media and being talked about. 249 more words

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Viral content vs Spreadable media

There is a war on social media to become popular by sharing ‘viral content'; regardless of its purpose and meaning ‘marketers’ are looking for viral content. 166 more words


Cute Alert! 12 Times Kids & Their Pets Could Be Twins

Be careful when looking through these pics — They’re all winning cases for your babe’s plea to get a fluffy sib. With human and pet’s cheeky glances, matching outfits and poses, here are all the times when kids and their furry friends could be twinnies. 160 more words

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Why Are You Seeing So Many Random Videos In Your Facebook News Feed?

Have you noticed an increase in the number of videos that you’re seeing in your Facebook News Feed lately? Well there’s an explanation for that based on your own behaviour and those pesky ol’ Facebook algorithms that seem to polarise audiences. 255 more words