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Vile villainy and its many uses.

We love stories pretty much universally as a culture. We love stories that, personal or not, are full of conflict. We love to hear about them, we love to tell other people about them, and in video games we love to experience them firsthand. 1,346 more words


Ding! Character's done.

I’d like to say, dear readers, I wish you were all here so I could share some of this delicious hot apple cider I’ve mixed with Maker’s Mark, but I’m also a terribly selfish person and I don’t think Jason would approve of me having a ton of strangers in his house for no reason other than sharing my booze. 792 more words


Matthew McConaughey Could Play the Villain in “The Stand”

We actually think he’d make a pretty good Randall Flagg.

Cover of Stephen King’s “The Stand – Captain Trips” Vol. 1 Graphic Novel, 2009

Matthew McConaughey


Your Favorite Hero/Villain Says A lot About You!

I was in my humanities class when we started to talk about everyone’s favorite fictional character. My all time favorite superhero is the almighty Batman! I wholeheartedly believe that he is the best law enforcement officer to ever exist, and made an entire agency dedicated to creating batmen all around the globe, so yea he’s pretty awesome. 102 more words


New Release- The Widow And The Rogue

Cover Artist: Laura Givens
Genre: Romance (Historical – Regency)
ISBN: 9781927555453 (e-book)

Married off at a tender age by her greedy uncle, Lady Kathleen Langtry suffered through several years as the wife of a wealthy, but cruel man. 137 more words

How to be a Villain in One Easy Step

I know I’ve already posted on villains, multiple times, but the subject begged just one more treatment. And it probably will, yet again. 207 more words

Perspectives and Villains

The Reckoner is a story told about various characters, but very much focuses on the actions of the “good guys”. Now, while this is my intention, I need to also be aware of my “bad guys”. 202 more words

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