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To A New World

Today is the day I move. Going to be a fun, stressful day. If I could build a house it would make things so much easier. Like this guy.

Stay beautiful


Steeling myself in Pokemon Diamond

I like to think that the complexity of the gyms in Pokemon Diamond reflects the Game Freak team’s contemporary understanding of how each gym’s type works. 614 more words

Video Games

Tumblr and Japanese Video Games.

This past week I’ve been hanging around Tumblr, checking out a number of blogs dedicated to video games in general and to specific games. I also got around to setting up my own… 423 more words

Women as wallpaper, Prince of Persia, and Duke Nukem | A disappointed lover of video games speaks his mind

Tropes vs. Women in Video Games released a video recently and highlighted – effectively I might add, with blatant examples that are impossible to disagree with and ignore – the way non-playable women are used in games. 2,196 more words

Thoughts On Everything Video Games


It looks like all the time I spend doing pretty much nothing is catching up with me. I played a couple of rounds of Boom Blox with my niece on the Wii yesterday, and now my left arm is really sore. 63 more words

Upcoming PS3 Titles

As I’ve been clamoring about on twitter for the past few days, I’ve decided to waste even more of what little free time I have by making even more charts, now with video games! 123 more words