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Day 31: Sarzana to Marina di Massa

After leaving Sarzana this morning I had to return immediately to pick up my walking stick in the café. First extra kilometre. I then attached them both to the backpack. 258 more words

Day 30: Villafranca to Sarzana

Due to all the rain and the paths through the woods being really muddy, we take the cycling path from Villafranca to Aulla. It’s like being in the rain forest. 367 more words

Day 29: Pontremoli to Villafranca in Lunigiana

Today it rained. That’s really all I have to say. The thing with rain on a pilgrimage/hike is that not only are you getting very wet (which s***s) but you also kind of constantly look down. 400 more words

Day 28: Passo della Cisa to Pontremoli

Only briefly, because we’re about to have dinner and I won’t have wifi afterwards… After breakfast today, we made the last few kilometres to the pass. 107 more words

Day 27: Cassio to Passo della Cisa

Apparently in the Italian mountains it’s impossible to have any internet connection. I’m very sorry. Quite some catching up to do.
So, yesterday we left Cassio in the morning after a great breakfast at the amazing Ostello. 181 more words

Day 26: Fornovo di Taro to Cassio

After saying goodbye to Günter in the morning we start our descend quite late around half past eight. It’s a lot of uphill and naturally it’s raining that day! 204 more words

Day 25: Costamezzana to Fornovo di Taro

Halfway! I seriously cannot believe that I managed to walk half of the kilometres to Rome. I am very happy to have done so indeed, because it is an encouragement that is needed. 306 more words