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Hi all!

I just realized my post about getting my estradiol/testosterone cream was posted the wrong day — cause i wrote it after midnight, so to me it was still the 11th! 473 more words

PT Round Three - Spinning My Wheels

I know it had been a bit, but  I really didn’t want to write this post. I don’t want to be negative, and I don’t want to write posts about my lack of success. 613 more words


Hello, my name is Lisa... and I'm a chronic pain sufferer

“Oh my God!” She said when I told her what I’ve been going through, “I could NEVER deal with that!” I swallow and don’t know how to respond because what I want to say is this – … 2,123 more words

16 Months Post Op - This is what it physically feels like.

Hello! I received a lovely email from a gal who is just about a week post vestibulectomy and it inspired me to keep on posting my progress since I know there is at least one person reading ;) Thanks M! 951 more words

A whole new chapter

Moving in with your partner is supposed to be a special time in your life! This wasn’t quite the case for me. Don’t get me wrong the idea of moving forward in our relationship was fabulous, I couldn’t believe this amazing man would want someone so broken! 379 more words


PT Round Three - Don't Practice Pain

Long time no talk, I know, I know.

I got caught up in being a prodigy at work, the time just flew by. I got a phone call on Wednesday, reminding me about the appointment I didn’t know about the next day. 515 more words