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Movie review, "Amen."

I recently watched a movie called “Amen.” It is based on the controversial history surrounding the Vatican’s response to the Nazi’s persecution of Jews. Here is a podcast about it and link to it as well. Overall, 4/5.

Podcast here

Link here


Italian Culture and such

The culture in Italy is SO DIFFERENT. And I mean extremely different. Well it’s at least very different from what I’m used to.

Every single store/restaurant/business has different hours of operation. 864 more words


One Night in Rome

Rome is one of my favorite cities in the world because if you wander in any one direction you will end up in a gorgeous piazza where people are spending a quiet night with friends over a bottle of wine. 365 more words


Pope Francis says, "Stop Preaching."

Pope Francis has attracted thousands of non-Catholic admirers by taking a “live and let live” approach in his new role as the Pope of Rome.  Proving his modesty by refusing to live in the “posh” papal apartments, humble enough to wash the feet of a female Muslim prisoner,  simple and practical,   Pope Francis prefers to be chauffeured around Rome in a Ford Focus, instead of the Papal limousine.    1,590 more words


Europe; 'Winging it' and pretending to be underage in Rome

I appreciate the title may have confused some of you. Usually people try to convince others they are older than they are, and of legal age. 1,231 more words


I'm (almost) a Roman!

My first week in Rome, Italy


As I stated in my previous post, I’ve made it to Europe! Prior to writing that post, I was sleeping on a 12 hour flight in between these two boys from Mexico who spoke no English. 1,508 more words