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Episode 47: Child's Play

Kenny and Shamus have “the talk” with their significant others. This is such an important topic that they avoided having the talk for 46 episodes. Because avoiding confrontation is the number one way to solve all relationship problems. 145 more words


CW’s hyper-fertility and the MA pill.

CW is highly fertile.

This has been evidenced by how quickly our children were conceived – to my eternal regret I got almost no practice in before ‘bang’ the tests read positive and the nine month countdown was already a month in. 137 more words

Surgeon sacked after giving man a VASECTOMY by mistake during minor operation

A surgeon who gave a man a vasectomy by mistake has been sacked with doctors admitting an attempt to reverse the blunder failed.
The horrific mistake happened when the man was undergoing a minor operation at Liverpool’s Broadgreen Hospital earlier this year. 89 more words

Birth Control Options for Men

Birth Control. The term is almost synonymous with women’s health. That’s probably because women have so many birth control options available to them. There’s the pill, the ring, and the IUD…. 587 more words

Birth Control

Unicorn Vasectomy 3

Ok let’s do this,

And these,

And that,

And those,

And them,

And theirs,

And thee, thou, thine, thy, thigh.

The whole shebang,

We’ll do em’ all, 122 more words


Vasectomy is only $350 at Planned Parenthood.

Dear Men who are evil to women in matters of child support, communication, and help with daycare on their children.  A vasectomy is a very safe thing, and only costs $350 at Planned Parenthood.   49 more words


I could not stop laughing at this article concerning using the right search terms on Google and the dreaded vasectomy from a guy’s perspective.