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Is This Made Out Of What I Think It Is?


The tasty flavor fusion of orange and………….vagina?


D'oh! A deer, a female deer

I don’t usually bother to read the comments on Chateau Heartiste; making it through Heartiste’s own florid yet turgid prose is exhausting enough. But after skimming… 104 more words


V = Vagina

Vaginas are a difficult thing for people to come up with products for. Vaginas are self cleaning and really don’t need that much maintenance. Products such as douches… 866 more words

Women's Issues

How to Be a Woman

When I was about 21, my then-husband and I were hanging out with our couple friends – the sole couple we were friends with, because we were of that age when all our friends were twenty-something single men. 1,836 more words


Vegan Vampire Vaginas by Wol-vriey

Today we have a guest reviewer here at Doubleshot Book Reviews. Welcome, Nobilis Reed. Nobilis is an author and podcaster.

A few years ago Nobilis Reed decided to start sharing the naughty little stories he scribbled out in hidden notebooks.   913 more words


No Two Ladies Have the Same Vulva

Yes. It’s true. Vulvas are as unique as each female. We’re not all identical twins so why do we expect our lady bits to fit this cookie cutter image found in porn? 262 more words


Did I just go on a date?

In my town they just finished construction on the new home of the San Francisco 49ers and let me tell you….The stadium is sick. Last Saturday they had the very first ever event there and I just had to go. 539 more words